Four-country cruise to Basel

The Rhine does not let country borders stand in its way and that reveals itself during this wonderful trip. You sail past various borders from the Netherlands to Germany, France and Switzerland. Allow yourself to be amazed by the varied landscapes through which the Rhine flows. You will see wonderful forts and castles, charming wine villages and impressive city centres. Endless enjoyment!

Thursday/Friday: Arnhem - Düsseldorf

You are welcome on board from 16:00. We raise the anchor early in the evening and set sail for Düsseldorf. After dinner, the musician will provide the evening’s entertainment in the lounge.

Friday/Saturday: Düsseldorf - Königswinter

We arrive in Düsseldorf before breakfast. Here, you can shop to your heart’s content in the city centre. As we continue our journey and sail past Cologne and Bonn, we will be serving High Tea in the lounge in the afternoon. It will be late by the time we arrive in Königswinter and we will spend the night here.

Saturday/Sunday: Königswinter - Koblenz

The surroundings only gain in beauty as we travel to our next destination. We moor at Koblenz after lunch. It is situated on the river mouths of the Rhine and the Moselle. The Altstadt (Old Town) is a short walk away with its many shopping streets and outdoor cafes.

Sunday/Monday: Koblenz - Boppard - Rüdesheim

The forts and castles built high above the river and the much talked about Lorely provide a spectacular panorama on this day. We start sailing early in the morning to the wine village of Boppard, where we have a brief stop. Once we have passed the Lorely, our next destination comes into view: Rüdesheim. This much-loved tourist resort has a bit of everything. You can make a trip through the vineyards(*) or you can take the cable car to the viewpoint by the impressive Niederwalddenkmal monument. There is plenty to keep yourself entertained for the whole day in the various Weinstuben (wine cellars) on the famous Drosselgasse.

Monday/Tuesday: Rüdesheim - Speyer - Germersheim

With a heavy heart, we leave Rüdesheim and set sail for Speyer. The majestic cathedral in the city centre is the largest preserved Roman-style cathedral. A visit to the technical museum is also worthwhile. During dinner, we sail on to Germersheim.

Tuesday/Wednesday: Germersheim - Strasbourg - Breisach

You won’t have even noticed us leaving Germersheim early in the morning. Today we will be exchanging Germany for France and a visit to Strasbourg. The magnificent buildings bear witness to a rich history and you will not be surprised to know this city is the seat of the European Parliament. A shuttle bus (*) will take you from the ship to the centre of this lovely city.

Wednesday/Thursday: Breisach - Basel

We arrive in Breisach while you are enjoying your breakfast. The coaches will be there ready to take you on the day excursion (*) to Switzerland. After breakfast, the coaches depart on this wonderful tour during which you will see the most beautiful parts of Switzerland. The ship arrives in Basel later in the day, so those who went on the day excursion can board the ship again.

Thursday/Friday: Basel - Breisach

Basel is situated on both banks of the Rhine, on the left bank is Gross Basel (Big Basel) and Klein Basel (Small Basel) is on the right bank. The two parts of the city are connected by seven bridges, of which one is a railway bridge. The Mittlere Rhein Brücke is the most famous of all the bridges. Gross Basel contains the historic city centre where the 12th century Basler Münster (Basel Cathedral) dominates the skyline. In this lovely church, you will find the grave of Erasmus. The Marktplatz (Market Square), with the gothic city hall and Art Nouveau style buildings, is one of the most important squares. You have until lunch to explore this intriguing city. In the afternoon, we sail back to Breisach, where we moor and spend the night.

Friday/Saturday: Breisach - Kehl

Directly opposite the city of Strasbourg is the border town of Kehl. We moor here by the park that was used for the Bundesgartenschau (Federal Horticulture Show) years ago and where you can still admire many beautiful and exceptional works of art.

Saturday/Sunday: Kehl - Mannheim

We direct our bow towards Mannheim. There is always plenty of hustle and bustle on the kilometres-long shopping boulevard. You have the option of taking an excursion (*) after lunch.

Sunday/Monday: Mannheim - Andernach

Today, we will once again be enjoying the steep banks covered in vineyards. The numerous forts and castles leave an unforgettable impression. Our next destination, Andernach, has a charming centre with narrow streets and many shops. The city walls, much of which are still intact, stem from Roman times.

Monday/Tuesday: Andernach - Cologne - Emmerich

Another large city comes into view by late-morning. Once we have we sailed past Bonn it doesn’t take us long to reach Cologne. This versatile city offers an array of sights. A visit to the museum, Cologne Cathedral, or simply taking a walk through the Altstadt (Old Town) are just a few examples of how you can spend your afternoon.

Tuesday/Wednesday: Emmerich - Arnhem

We arrive in Emmerich for a brief stop early in the morning. When we leave Emmerich, you can enjoy a wonderful champagne brunch. After passing the border, we arrive in Arnhem at noon where we say our goodbyes.

  • Welcome cocktail
  • Several optional excursions (not included in the price)
  • Includes shuttle bus to Strasbourg
  • Local entertainment twice
  • High Tea & High Wine
  • Live entertainment during the entire cruise
  • Farewell Dinner
  • Champagne brunch
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