Frequently Asked Questions

You will find below a summary of frequently asked questions divided into various subjects. If your question is not among them please contact your travel agent. Or call us on +31(0) 26445 28 05 or send an e-mail to

What happens if there are not enough reservations for my holiday?

All holidays are subject to a minimum number of participants. This number is indicated in the price column for each holiday. If there is not enough demand for a holiday, the holiday will be cancelled. You will be informed of this at least 8 days in advance.

What insurances should I arrange before my holiday?

Be prepared for the worst and take out good travel and cancellation insurance in advance. You can be fully insured for just a few euros per day.

When will my travel documents be sent to me?

If you have paid the full cost of the holiday you will receive the necessary travel documents about 8 days before departure. The booking confirmation and the documents will be sent to the lead booker who is responsible for the entire reservation.

Are there facilities for the disabled on the ship?

Unfortunately the ships are not always suitable for the disabled. Neither is the crew qualified to deal with special medical services. To comply with all safety regulations we reserve the right to exclude passengers from (further) participation in the holiday. This would only be where a disability might possibly cause a delay in carrying out emergency procedures correctly during an incident. If you have a disability you are required to advise the travel company well in advance.

Are children allowed on board?

Yes, children can occupy the cabin of accompanying adults. You must provide your own child’s bed. A reservation with a child discount is always on request.

Can I cancel my holiday without charge?

Cancellations must always be reported. This is only possible during office hours and on Saturdays. Cancellations will be processed in accordance with the guidelines in our supplementary conditions. This means that charges will be incurred.

When can I embark?

In principle you embark on the day of departure. For the majority of the sailings it is possible to embark from 20:00 the evening before. You can request this when booking. There is a charge of €35 per person including breakfast for this extra night.

What is actually included in the holiday?

Included in the passage price:

Transport by ship in accordance with the specifications in the holiday programme
- Accommodation charges
- Charges for all meals
- Coffee/tea at regular times
- Taxes and other charges during the duration


Not included in the passage price
- Charges for border documents
- Supplement for special dietary requirements
- Personal expenses
- De Jong Intra Taxi Service Direct
- Travel, accident and luggage insurance
- Cancellation insurance
- Disaster Funds contribution
- Excursions unless otherwise stated
- Embarking the evening before
- Amendment charges of € 50,00
- Any applicable fuel surcharges

How can I get right to the ship?

There are various ways of travelling to the ship.

Public Transport

You can of course travel to Arnhem by public transport. There are plenty of taxis at the central station to bring you to the quayside. You can walk to the embarkation point at the quayside in about 20 minutes.

Own transport

You can leave your car at the Rozet multi-story car park in the Langstraat in Arnhem during your holiday. Opening times: Sunday to Thursday 06:30 to 22:30, Friday and Saturday 06:30 to 01:00.

How does a river cruise like this actually work?

Travelling from one interesting place to another without unpacking your suitcase. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? A cruise ship is really a floating hotel. During your holiday we will give you comprehensive information about the places we are visiting and the things you can do there. You eat and drink on board in style. The crew and tour guides will do all they can to make your stay on board as enjoyable as possible. And they will always pay the utmost attention to your requirements.

What does ‘full service’ actually include?

Feenstra Rhine Line’s packages are based on full service on board. This means that in addition to all meals, you will be served tea and coffee, often accompanied by some refreshments.

Captain’s Dinner Our regular guests always look forward to this; the Captain’s Dinner.  A stylish Captain’s Dinner or Farewell Dinner is served during every holiday. You will be especially spoiled during this extraordinary evening.  A delicious meal with a class of wine courtesy of the captain.

I want a cabin to myself but there are no single cabins available. What now?

If no single cabins are available you can book a two person cabin (limited possible) . You will have to pay 30%-50% of the unoccupied place. This means that booking a double cabin is more expensive than a single cabin.
Two people who book a 3 person cabin pay 35% of the unoccupied place extra per person. The exception to this is the Statendam where you pay no supplement, but the price per person for a standard double cabin.

Can the sailing times change during the holiday?

If there are justifiable reasons, Feenstra Rhine Line, the ship’s captain or his deputy may decide to change the sailing times.

Am I allowed to smoke on board?

There is a total ban on smoking inside all the ships. Smoking on the sundeck is permitted.

Do I need a passport on board?

You will need a passport for all destinations, including holidays in the Netherlands that visit other countries. You should ask advice from your nearest Passport Office.

TAKE NOTE! Be sure to request your passport in plenty of time.

How can I pay on board?

This varies per ship. You will find this information on the relevant page for each vessel. On board some of the ships you will use a type of credit card on which all your purchases will be recorded. At the end of the holiday you can pay the total amount of your purchases in cash or by credit card. Excursions usually need to be paid for in cash. You can ask for more information when booking.

I am vegetarian. Will the chef take this into account?

Yes. Dietary requirements such as salt-free, reduced-fat, fat-free, sugar-free and vegetarian are only possible if these are stated as ‘preferences’ when booking. The cost of special diets (about €4 p.p.p.d.) should be paid on board at the end of the holiday. Other diets are only available as ‘essentials’ on presentation of a diet sheet.

I am on a diet. Will the chef take this into account?

Yes. Dietary requirements such as salt-free, reduced-fat, fat-free, sugar-free and vegetarian are only possible if these are stated as ‘preferences’ when booking. The cost of special diets (about €4 p.p.p.d.) should be paid on board at the end of the holiday. Other diets are only available as ‘essentials’ on presentation of a diet sheet.

I have special needs. Where can I notify this?

Special needs can be divided into preferences and essentials. Preferences are simple requests which you should make known when booking. We will try to meet these whenever possible. Essentials are a different matter. In this case your request is so essential that the holiday contract will only be confirmed by us if it can clearly be shown that this request can be met.

Is medical help available on board?

The ship’s crew are not trained for specific medical services.

What will my accommodation be like?

When booking with Feenstra Rhine Line you can request detailed information about your accommodation. We will of course do our very best to meet your wishes.

Can I take my zimmer frame or wheelchair with me on holiday de reis?

The safety of our passengers on board has the highest priority. Even if your mobility is reduced we must be able to guarantee your safety. We therefore have to limit the use of equipment such as zimmer frames and wheelchairs. Please state this at the time of booking. Taking your own zimmer frame or wheelchair on board must be requested in advance and the numbers are strictly limited. You will need written permission for this.

To make things absolutely clear: the use of a zimmer frame or wheelchair on board is not permitted. You must be able to board the vessel without using this equipment.  You can of course use a zimmer frame/wheelchair ashore. These can be rented from us for €5. You can then use it ashore for the entire holiday. You will need to request this when booking.

Will we have to walk far when we go ashore?

We try to moor as close as possible to the centre during the holiday. This depends on the berth that the harbour master allocates to the ship. In some cases, if you have reduced mobility you will need to take a taxi or public transport to the centre.

Is entertainment provided on board?

One of the attractive aspects of a river cruise is that you are not compelled to do anything during the holiday and you can plan things your own way. During the evenings events are organised on board in an informal way. As these vary from ship to ship it is difficult to detail them here. A bingo evening or a quiz are common events.  You will find various magazines and newspapers in the lounge. There are popular party games in the games cupboard and on some vessels there is even a life-size draughts and/or chess game on the sun deck.

The farewell evening is accompanied by live music, and on longer cruises a band comes on board with live music at least twice. On the spring cruise and during the themed cruises in autumn and winter a musician will travel with us for the entire holiday.

Are there any sports activities on board?

On most vessels you can use the fitness apparatus that you will find on the sun deck. On the Antonio Bellucci and the Salvinia there is a sauna and whirlpool. The Azolla and the Statendam have a small open-air swimming pool on the sun deck.

Are excursions organised during the holiday?

During most holidays various (coach) excursions and city walks are organised. Depending on your interests you can sign up for these on board. Excursions will only take place if there is sufficient demand and in most cases the explanation will be in Dutch.

Might delays occur during the holiday?

During the holiday we will pass through locks or under bridges.  In a few cases we may have to wait at a lock which means the sailing times may be delayed and we will arrive later at our destination.  This may result in modifications to planned excursions and/or visiting times.

Is there WiFi on board?

You can use the WiFi network on all Feenstra vessels free or for a charge. This varies per ship In which country/region the reception is. It’s possible the WiFi signal may be lost in mountainous areas or in locks. This can vary from a few hours to the whole day.

Can pets be taken on board?

Taking pets on board is not permitted.

Various members of the crew have been trained for medical emergencies, but certainly not as nursing staff. In the event of emergency or accident you should contact the emergency services in that particular country.

I take medicine. What should I be aware of?

It frequently happens that misunderstandings occur when prescribing the correct medication abroad. You are advised to arrange for a prescription to be written in French, German or Latin before departure so that any doctor or chemist is certain which medication is involved.

Which phone number can I leave with my family in case of emergency?

During the sailing season our office can be reached out of office hours in very serious circumstances via: +31(0)26445 28 05. You are advised to leave this number with members of your family/acquaintances.