About Feenstra Rijn Lijn

More and more Dutch people have discovered the ultimate delight of a river cruise. Why is this? Whilst enjoying the excellent service you travel comfortably from one destination to another! Nowhere is the number of customers who book a repeat holiday so high. If you would like to be introduced to this relaxed way of taking a holiday, Feenstra Rhine Line is the right place for you!

On holiday with Feenstra.

Whichever tour or whichever ship you choose, you don’t need to worry about anything during a river cruise. On the way you can enjoy the excellent service and you will be indulged by the caring and friendly attention of the crew. The passage prices are very attractive, especially if you consider that they include full service, even your cup of tea or coffee is offered to you at regular intervals. Excursions and drinks at the bar are not included in the price. Feenstra does not operate any hidden surcharges for harbour fees. Fuel prices and taxes are uncertain factors and can lead to a surcharge on the published passage rates.

No last-minute prices are offered. So if you are interested in the selection, you don’t need to wait before booking. If you want to be assured of the holiday and accommodation of your choice, don’t hesitate and book your river cruise as quickly as possible. Go for comfort, variety and excellent service and enjoy a river cruise with one of the ships offered by Feenstra Rhine Line.

We hope to welcome you aboard soon!

Directors and staff,