A selection of our cruises in May, June and July

Below you'll find a selection of our cruises departing in May, June and July.


05-05-2019: 05 days Dutch Heritage

06-05-2019: 05 days Along the Rhine from Cologne to Boppard

11-05-2019 en 15-07-2019: 09 days Along the Rhine and Moselle to Cochem and Rüdesheim

10-06-2019: 07 days Along the Rhine and Moselle tot Boppard and Cochem

17-06-2019 en 25-7-2019: 10 days Allong the Rhine to Bernkastel

24-07-2019: 14 days Along the Danube, Main and Rhine from Passau to Arnhem

29-07-2019: 13 days Southern Netherlands and Belgium