Beautiful Spring cruises in April

The Spring season is a perfect time to go on a river cruise. The days are getting longer, the winter cold makes way for warmer temperatures and nature slowly awakens turning the landscape green again.

Below you'll find an overview of our Spring cruises departing in April:

10-04-2020: 6 days, Easter cruise to Cochem - Statendam

10-04-2020: 7 days, Easter cruise to Rüdesheim - Poseidon

11-04-2020: 7 days, Dutch Heritage - Rembrandt van Rijn

16-04-2020: 7 days, Spring cruise The Netherlands and Belgium - Poseidon

17-04-2020: 7 days, Along the Rhine and Moselle to Cochem - Rembrandt van Rijn

20-04-2020: 4 days, Mini cruise Middle Rhine - Statendam

23-04-2020: 8 days, the Netherlands and Belgium - Rembrandt van Rijn

30-04-2020: 6 days, Dutch Glory, Poseidon

30-04-2020: 6 days, Rhine in Flames, Rembrandt van Rijn